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Tea Seed Meal with Straw


Tea seed meal with straw, a kind of residue of camellia seeds after extracting oil. With main active content-triterpenoid saponin, it is widely used as molluscicides, shrimp/crab pond cleaning and lawn protectant. With high protein and sugar, also can be used as a highly effective fertilizer and feed additive. It is natural, non-toxic, safe to human and plants, no any pollution to the water and the soil.



Tea Seed Meal With Straw


Granular and powder with straw

Active Content





25KG, 50KG

Shelf Life

12 months


Stored in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and high temperature.


1. Efficient Molluscicides, No Residual: extensively used in rice field, vegetable field, flower filed to kill ampullaria gigas, snails, slugs,etc.

2. Clean Shrimp Pond: extensively used in shrimp/crab pond to eliminate predatory fishes. Also helps shrimps shed shells earlier and promote the growth.
3. Turf care protect: Used in golf courses, landscapes, sports turfs, gardens to kill cutworm, earthworm,etc.
4. Organic fertilizer: Used as organic fertilizer in crops and fruits, because tea seed meal contains high protein.

5. Feed additive: Used as feed additive because it contains many kinds of nutrition, such as protein, sugar, fiber and so on.

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