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Tea Seed Powder


Tea seed powder, a kind of residue of camellia seeds after extracting oil. With main active content-triterpenoid saponin, it is widely used as molluscicides, shrimp/crab pond cleaning and lawn protectant. With high protein and sugar, also can be used as a highly effective fertilizer and feed additive. It is natural, non-toxic, safe to human and plants, no any pollution to the water and the soil.



Tea Seed Powder


Brown Powder, 60-70 mesh

Active Content





10KG, 25KG, 50KG, customization

Shelf Life

12 months


Stored in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and high temperature.


1. Efficient Molluscicides, No Residual: extensively used in rice field, vegetable field, flower filed to kill ampullaria gigas, snails, slugs,etc.

2. Clean Shrimp Pond: extensively used in shrimp/crab pond to eliminate predatory fishes. Also helps shrimps shed shells earlier and promote the growth.
3. Turf care protect: Used in golf courses, landscapes, sports turfs, gardens to kill cutworm, earthworm,etc.
4. Organic fertilizer: Used as organic fertilizer in crops and fruits, because tea seed meal contains high protein.

5. Feed additive: Used as feed additive because it contains many kinds of nutrition, such as protein, sugar, fiber and so on.

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