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Camellia Oleifera Seeds Begin To Enter The Picking Stage


Oct 1, 2023

October is the month for harvest

October heralds a season of abundance. It's the time when camellia seeds, the primary ingredient for camellia oil, are ripe for harvesting.

The growth trajectory of Camellia oleifera distinguishes it from other oil-yielding crops. Typically, a camellia tree embarks on its seedling phase within one to two years. While it might take around 6 years for these trees to mature in mountainous regions, achieving optimal yield usually demands a minimum of 8 years.

Only through such extended nurturing can one procure top-tier camellia oil. Choisun remains unwavering in its commitment to sourcing only the finest camellia seeds. Superior raw materials are the cornerstone of exceptional products, and this ethos has firmly positioned Choisun's offerings on the global stage.

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