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Guizhou Choisun - a new force of Choisun Group


Aug 24, 2022

The new factory is put to use in its full capacity

Zhejiang Choisun boasts robust manufacturing capabilities with significant factories in Hangzhou and Jiangxi. Additionally, in Guizhou, the company has made substantial investments to establish an expansive subsidiary.

The inception of Guizhou Choisun Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., a direct subsidiary of Zhejiang Choisun, has significantly bolstered the company's growth trajectory. With an investment of 100 million yuan, the company has set up a production line capable of producing 100 tons of tea meal saponin daily and a 30 ton/day production line for tea meal organic fertilizer. These facilities are designed to handle an annual intensive processing capacity of 10,000 tons of camellia oil seed.

Furthermore, Guizhou Choisun has pioneered a high-caliber demonstration plantation spanning 13,000 mu in Liping County. Through partnerships with oil tea cooperatives, they've also established a cooperative base for oil tea cultivation covering 300,000 mu. This innovative "enterprise+cooperatives+farmers" model has been instrumental in modernizing the tea oil industry system in Liping County, subsequently boosting local incomes.

The formidable production prowess of the company is a testament to its inherent strength. The entire Choisun team is imbued with the confidence and capability to distribute Choisun's products globally.

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