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Our company brand QianDaoYuan won the ITQI Superior Taste Award!


Jun 13, 2019

A testament to our quality

In July 2019, the "Superior Taste Award" China awards ceremony was held in Shanghai. Qiandaoyuan pure camellia oil won the itqi top delicious medal, conquering the taste buds of the judges with excellent quality!


The Superior Taste Award is awarded by 15 prestigious European associations of catering, cooking and wine tasting experts, who recommend chief chefs to conduct a blind test from the dimensions of food safety, raw materials, taste, vision, smell, nutrition, etc., and the shortlisted products are awarded medals.


This world-class recognition of QianDaoYuan's pure camellia oil highlights the excellent quality of QianDaoYuan under the whole process control of planting, picking, screening, pressing and filling. In the future, QianDaoYuan will continue to work hard to carry forward the camellia oil culture, self check with international standards, and let the world enjoy Chinese camellia oil.

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