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What camellia seeds can do: From Tea Seed Pellets to Saponins


Dec 1, 2022

A new batch of camellia oleifera seeds just entered the market

Camellia Oleifera, often referred to as the tea oil camellia, is a plant native to China known for its seeds which yield the highly valued tea oil. However, the utility of Camellia Oleifera seeds extends far beyond just oil extraction. These seeds are a treasure trove, giving rise to products like tea seed pellets, tea saponin, and tea seed meal, each with its unique applications and benefits.

1. Tea Seed Pellets: Tea seed pellets are formed from the residue left after oil extraction from Camellia Oleifera seeds. These pellets have found their niche in organic farming.

  • Natural Fertilizer: Rich in nutrients, tea seed pellets are an excellent organic fertilizer, providing essential nutrients to the soil and enhancing its fertility.

  • Pest Control: The natural saponins in the pellets act as a deterrent for certain pests, making it a dual-purpose product for farmers – both as a soil enhancer and a pest control agent.

2. Tea Saponin: Tea saponin is a natural glycoside extracted from Camellia Oleifera seeds. Its properties make it versatile in various industries.

  • Natural Detergent: Due to its excellent foaming and detergent properties, tea saponin is used as a natural alternative to synthetic detergents in cleaning products.

  • Aquaculture: In fish farming, tea saponin is used to cleanse ponds by eliminating unwanted fish and harmful pests, ensuring a healthier environment for the desired fish species.

  • Herbicide and Pesticide: Its natural properties can deter certain pests and weeds, making it a safer alternative to chemical herbicides and pesticides.

3. Tea Seed Meal: Tea seed meal is what remains after oil extraction and saponin removal. It's rich in protein and other nutrients.

  • Animal Feed: Due to its high protein content, tea seed meal can be used as a feed or feed additive for livestock and poultry.

  • Organic Fertilizer: Similar to tea seed pellets, the meal can also be used as a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, enhancing soil health and crop yield.

The seeds of Camellia Oleifera are a testament to nature's bounty. From agriculture to aquaculture, from cleaning agents to animal feed, the derivatives of these seeds touch various facets of our daily lives. With a new batch of camellia oleifera seeds entering the market, products with tea seed meal as the main raw material are selling well. Here's a list of our company's best-selling products.

1. Natural Molluscicide - TSP60/TSP16: This product has no hidden danger to human body and environment, and has strong effective selectivity to snails. Molluscs, such as snails and slugs, will die of hemolysis in a short time by sucking or contacting this product.

2. Turf Care Product TC15/TC30: This product is specially designed for lawn planting to drive away snails and earthworms, and it does not pollute the soil.

3. Botanical Agrochemical Adjuvant - SAP95/SAL41: This product is applicable to all kinds of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. It can reduce 50%~70% of pesticide consumption and has obvious synergistic effect.

4. Shrimp/Crab Ponds Cleaning Agent - SPC15/SPC60: This product improves the ecological environment of shrimps and crabs by killing wild miscellaneous fish, snails, frog eggs and some aquatic insects.

5. Air Entraining Admixture - CS100P/CS100L: this product improves the durability, impermeability and freeze-thaw property of concrete. Improve the plasticity and workability of concrete and reduce concrete segregation.

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