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Professional Manufacturer of Tea-Derived Products

We have been devoted to the R&D and production of tea-derived products since 2003. We have partnered with companies from 31+ countries and world regions. 


Wonder what tea-derived products can do? See the solutions we offer - and find the right product for you. 


Camellia Oil

Cold-pressed camellia oil, choose from crude, virgin, or refined. 

Other Oils

Shop numerous other oils, including flaxseed, green tea seed, etc. 

Tea Saponin

Found in Camellia plants, natural non-ionic surfactants that offer different beneficial effects.

Tea Seed Meal

The residue of tea seeds after camellia oil extraction, contains high amounts of natural saponin compounds.

Instant Tea Powder

Choose from a variety of teas, and use them for tea drinks. 

News & Insights

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